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The perfect match for this passito is the one with dry pastries, but it is also enhanced by the flavors of blue cheeses. Perfect for moments of meditation. Awesome paired with pit cheese, apple pie and apple strudel too. This wine is made with overripe grapes which are hand picked normally at the very end of the season (end of October/beginning of November). The grapes are then let to dry on wooden boards until completely dry and then are regenerated and aged in stainless steel tank for 24th months before bottling and released to the market.

Tasting Notes

Grapes: Albana

Color: Golden bright yellow

Aroma: It shines with its deep gold and emanates a large bouquet of dehydrated yellow fruit with oriental spices, acacia and jasmine. The nose and the sip are vertical, open. Pulp and rises above the pseudocaloric sensations, very long finish.

Taste: This Albana is pure nectar, a poem that sings the land of Romagna in all its splendor. The golden color, tending to amber. The bouquet is a riot of apricots, peaches, dates, hazelnuts, honey, ginger, marzipan, raisins, custard and we could go on for hours… But let’s stop here and say that on the palate it is equally sumptuous, rich in flavor, volumetric, powerful, intriguing in the returns of candied fruit. In short, a masterpiece.

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