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It expresses its best, if matched with typical Piedmontese dishes, such as cold cuts, braised meats (Brasato), mixed boiled meats (Bollito Misto). Excellent with game cooked “al civèt”. Location: Nizza Monferrato (Piemonte – Italy) Soil: clay loam ground Altitude: 299 m slm Breeding system: Guyot Harvest: October

Tasting Notes

Grapes: Barbera

Color: Dark Intense Red

Aroma: The grapes are delivered to the cellar as soon as possible after cutting and are then subjected to a visual inspection to select the best bunches.  The de-stemming and crushing of the grapes are the next steps.  The vinification in steel barrels at a controlled temperature of 50 hl will follow and at the same time a fundamental phase to give color to the must, called “reassembly” and subsequent délestage is done.  After completing the vinification the resulted wine is aged for a period of 18-20 months in precious oak barrels followed by maturation in the bottle for at least 3-4 months in our cellars

Taste: Intense ruby red color, tending to garnet with aging. Intense, characteristic, ethereal bouquet. Dry, full-bodied, harmonious and round flavor.

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