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Marsala Superiore Secco Ambra DOC Wine

Marsala Wine with Amber Hues

Experience the rich heritage of Marsala Superiore Secco Ambra DOC wine. This wine is more than just a drink; it’s a journey.

Indulge in Sicilian Elegance

Production and Cultivation

Production Area: Marsala Territory

Our Marsala Superiore Secco Ambra DOC wine originates from the picturesque Marsala territory, a region renowned for its winemaking excellence.

Cultivation Methods: Craftsmanship at Its Best

Our vineyards employ time-honoured cultivation methods, nurturing grapes that embody the essence of Sicilian tradition.

Growing System: Espalier with Guyot Pruning

We cultivate our grapes using the espalier system with Guyot pruning, ensuring the finest fruit for our Marsala wine.

Harvest Time: Harvesting the Best

We carefully select grapes in August and September, the prime time to capture their exceptional flavours.

Explore the artistry of Marsala Superiore Secco Ambra as it unfolds a symphony of flavours.

With Marsala Wine with Amber Hues, every sip is an invitation to a world of taste.

Winemaking Process: Crafted to Perfection

Our winemaking process involves fermenting grapes in steel tanks at a controlled temperature (25/26°C), followed by meticulous blending to create a wine that’s truly exceptional.

Ethyl Alcohol Addition: Elevating Complexity

We enhance the wine’s complexity with the addition of ethyl alcohol of wine origin, cooked must, and “mistella.”

Marsala Superiore Secco Ambra : Quality and Characteristics

Alcoholic Strength: A Bold 18% Vol.

Our Marsala boasts an impressive 18% alcohol content, delivering a memorable and robust flavour profile.

Sugary Residue: Perfectly Balanced

With 30 grams of sugary residue per litre, our Marsala achieves the ideal balance between sweetness and complexity.

Preserving Authentic Flavors: Marsala Wine with Amber Hues

Wood Refining: Aged to Perfection

This Marsala wine matures for at least 2 years in oak barrels, imparting depth and character.

Maturing in Bottle: Aged for Excellence

Following barrel ageing, it continues to mature in the bottle for at least 3 months, ensuring a refined taste.

Sip with Precision: Marsala Wine with Amber Hues

Ideal Serving Temperature: 14/16°C

To savour every nuance, serve this wine at a precise temperature range of 14°C to 16°C.

Enhance Your Moments

Experience the captivating allure of Marsala Superiore Secco Ambra Wine and the timeless charm of Sicilian confectionery.

Uncover a new world of flavours and traditions, perfectly paired with dried fruits, artisan cheeses, and sweet Sicilian delights.

Marsala Wine with Amber Hues: Elevate your moments with Sicilian elegance.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Marsala Superiore Secco Ambra DOC Wine embodies the essence of Sicilian craftsmanship. With its amber hues and complex flavours, it’s the perfect companion for enhancing your dessert moments and celebrating the beauty of tradition.


Tasting Notes


Grillo 50%, Catarratto 50%


Intense amber with gold highlights


Intense and very complex, with hints which remind us ripe white fruits in alcohol, huts, hazelnuts, bitter almonds and pine nuts. This bouquet is precious because of delicate hints of oak, vanilla and cinnamon.


Dry, soft, velvety with a pleasant sense of aromatic hints perceived by the nose.

Wine Maker

VINCI VINI Close your eyes for a moment while the wind and the sun are caressing you, breathe the air which is around you, full of scents: the one of the sea, the one of the vegetation and the other one of the soil. You can’t make a mistake….. you are in Marsala, ”The Wine Land”. No other town can boast of a so various production of wines. The English, keen and far-sighted, realized the potentiality of this place when they landed here in the 18th century and understood immediately that, from the local grape varieties, they could get something similar to the Spanish and Portuguese wines: that wine which later would have become famous all over the world with the name of “Marsala”. In this so vined land, in 1997 our three families of growers decided to buy the brand “Cantine Vinci” and to start a new adventure which would have involved them in the trasformation of their grapes into wines with a distinct and costant quality. Going from simply growers to wine-makers wasn’t so easy, but the experience, transmitted from father to son for generations, has been useful to let us understand what grapes were good to get the best quality wine,what were the best times for the grapes harvest, what were the soils to raise mainly the physiological and productive properties of several cultivars. So, producing valuable grapes has become our basic rule to get excellent quality wines. Little by little, the willingness to learn and the aim to produce great wines have been recognized and awarded. So today, Cantine Vinci can boast about important awards got for the production of wines that, once tasted, can’t be forgotten.


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