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The work in the vineyard is meticulous: after the careful pruning phase, in good time, we proceed to a thinning out of bunches and to their exposure to the Sun to have a selected daily production 50-60 quintals per hectare. The harvest is done by hand, with attention and delicacy, and with a meticulous selection of the best grapes. The fermentation and vinification take place in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature thermo, while the maturation is achieved in the bottle for almost six months.

Tasting Notes

Grapes: Primitivo

Color: Dark Red

Aroma: Since perfume the plum is harmoniously pulpy. Hence, the lively acid strength that reaches senses wrapped up by the sumptuous glycerine extractive softness. A prune that possesses uncommon olfactory clearness and oxidative integrity thanks to vivid aroma strength. A wine of excellent analytic and sensorial quality that always gives embracing and soft balance demonstration through persistency equalling immediate fragrance. A champion, with an excellent fruit and vivid expressive quality.

Taste: Prune, red ripe berries

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